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This website – varicose and more has been dedicated to the service of the mankind for spreading awareness about various vascular conditions affecting humans. Some of these conditions are insidious in onset but curable while others are not. We hereby present various conditions and their recommended prevention and treatment options alike.


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  • 11 03-16

    Acute arterial occlusion

    Acute arterial occlusion Embolic occlusion An embolus is foreign to the ...

  • 22 08-15

    4 Ways to Prevent Varicose Veins

    If you have varicose veins or venous insufficiency, exercising can be ...

  • 22 08-15

    Call Your Doctor

    Calling your doctor if: Varicose veins get very painful Get worse or do not ...

  • 17 05-15

    EVLT versus RFA

    How does EVLT & Surgery compare? EVLT Surgery Treartment Daycare ...

  • 17 05-15

    RFA at a Glance

    Endovenous Ablation of Varicose Veins What is Endovenous Ablation of ...

  • 02 05-15

    Dilated Arteries

    An aneurysm is an abnormal widening or ballooning of a portion of the ...

  • 22 04-15


    Atherosclerosis It is a condition in which fatty material collects in the ...

  • 22 04-15

    Vascular Trauma

    This is one of the common emergencies worldwide. A basic understanding of ...

  • 22 04-15

    Compartment Syndrome

    Compartment syndrome It is a limb and life threatening condition observed ...

  • 15 04-15

    Diabetic Foot

    Diabetes is a combination of several diseases with elevated blood glucose ...

  • 15 04-15


    What is diabetes? Diabetes is a disease when the body does not make enough ...

  • 08 04-15

    The Combat

    Varicose veins are mostly treated conservatively or non-surgically with: ...

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Humayuns-wedding3-292x300Dr. Jan graduated with honors from Jammu University in 2003. He procured his master’s     degree in 2009 from the prestigious National Board of Education. Following this, the.           Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh recognized his talent in the field of surgery, with interest in vascular surgery and bestowed the coveted F.R.C.S. fellowship.. Read More

jais-passport-photo-1Dr. Chopra, is a renowned vascular Surgeon, practicing at various prestigious institutions including Apollo hospitals, New Delhi, India. After completion of his graduation and post-graduation in Surgery he proceeded to UK where he completed his FRCS from The Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh (UK) and spent 10 years working as a Vascular Surgeon in various renowned teaching hospitals across England. Subsequently, he went to Port Elizabeth, South Africa as a consultant Vascular Surgeon for 2 years. Read More

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