Ultrasound Vein Mapping

Ultrasound Vein Mapping

  • What is Ultrasound Vein Mapping?
    A vein mapping ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to give certified ultrasound technologists a look at how the veins are functioning. The accredited ultrasound techs are able to measure blood flow all over the body and create a map of the body’s vein system. Once this is done, a skilled doctor can see where the veins are functioning properly and where a specific problem exists. This is key to identifying vein disease.

    By identifying the problem areas through ultrasound vein mapping, our team ensures we are treating only the parts of the vein that need it. By avoiding the healthy veins, the treatment procedure is minimally invasive. In fact, the procedure itself does not cause the patient any pain whatsoever.

  • What should you expect from Ultrasound Vein Mapping?
    A complete vein mapping experience will take about one hour to complete. Patients should wear loose fitting clothing and avoid wearing jewelry. There are no dietary restrictions and you should make the medical team completely aware of any medications you are taking.

    Before your vein mapping ultrasound, our team will conduct a screening to learn about your symptoms. This will help us determine what to look for and how to continue. Our team has thousands of hours of experience mapping veins and treating vein diseases. Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan has performed more than 12,000 successful vein procedures using minimally invasive techniques, such as laser vein treatments. Using the latest technology helps to reduce risk and recovery time, while increasing the rate of successful results.

    Vein disease is progressive and will get worse over time if left untreated. If you are concerned you may have vein disease, such as varicose or spider veins, act quickly to seek a diagnosis and treatment.